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I’m Sorry…

April 27, 2016

To the Founders, Framers, Pioneers, Ancestors, Soliders, and Progeny:

I’m sorry…
…I lost the country you carved out of the wilderness, fought and died for without firing a shot
…I traded my rights from God for the rule of men
…all of your blood, sweat, and tears were in vain
…I let our borders be overrun
…I wasn’t there to stop them from removing prayer from school
…I can’t defend the most innocent and helpless as they crush their bodies and sell their parts
…I let right become wrong and wrong become right
…I can’t protect the children from being indoctrinated in the public schools
…I stood by as marriage and the family were redefined and dismantled
…Americans exchanged freedom and liberty for safety and security since we will have neither
…I didn’t defend the American culture from the lie of “multi-culturalism” and the cultural marxists
…the State has becoming everything and We The People have become nothing
…I’m not articulate enough to persuade others to awaken and rise up to defend freedom
…I didn’t make billions so I could buy politicians who sell their souls for a few pieces of silver
…the beacon wanes and the light dims from the city on the hill
…my lone life, little fortune and what honor I have wasn’t enough
…it’s over and there’s nothing I can do…alone

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