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2016  (Medium)Julie Schmidt is a conservative commentator on political and social issues.  She has been published on American Thinker,  Breitbart, and Champion News.

She holds an MBA in finance and baccalaureate in communications technology.

That’s the professional perspective since most of the articles I wrote and have posted here have faded from site (pun intended).  Now for the more personal side since Seth Godin suggests in “The Icarus Deception” that I should do my “art,” so I’ll give that a try.  What follows will evolve over time as I feel brave enough to share more about who I am with you.  Not something I’m used to doing in an “expose yourself to the world” kind of way–which is what the internet does–but which I regularly do with those closest to me.  So here goes.

MY (Evolving) STORY

I grew up in a town of 350 people in rural Wisconsin.  We welcomed visitors on one end of town, and less than a mile later thanked them for coming.  My parent’s owned and operated a small telephone company with about 2000 subscribers throughout some 200 miles of cable route.  As a child, I have memories of my father climbing telephone poles topped with glass insulators that held strands of wire hosting 10 or more parties talking on the telly.  My brother said that our company motto should have been, “We’ve come a long way from two Dixie cups and a string.”  When I left for college at the age of 17, the village public works (1 guy and a truck) went out and changed the sign to 349.

I liked growing up in a small town.  Back in the 60’s we didn’t worry about crime or children disappearing off the street, and we actually left our doors unlocked.  While the fashion and music of the day reached out to us, much of the other effects of the time didn’t–LSD, Woodstock, hippies.  Not that we weren’t affected, it just took time for cultural changes to take hold in the more rural areas back then, where today change happens at the speed of a tweet.

This is the environment where I developed my conservative views.  America really was about God, country, duty, baseball, and apple pie.  You stood when the flag passed by, never standing on it, and perish the thought of ever burning it.  My parents are supporters of the Democratic party, and they still wonder where I got my strange ideas, but they love me anyway.

To be continued…

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