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Pol cRap

June 6, 2014


What’s happened to America–land of the free, home of the brave…
Tell me, has it gone to the grave?

Spendin’ trillions or gazillions just where does it stop!
Are they just waitin’ for us to drop?
Dropped down by the load we bear, all in the name of you deserve your “fair share!”
Envy, greed, it’s what they’re sellin’.
And we’re buyin’ not even tryin’ to stand on higher ground.
Since when did we become a people that take what others earned?
Used to be called stealin’, now it’s what we’re dealin’.
“Shame,” it’s not an ugly word.

War on women,
War on drugs,
War on poverty.

War on prosperity, property, propriety, marriage, family, freedom, and liberty!

Racism, sexism, classism, oh my!  It’s divide and conquer, that’s how we’ll die.

But my world’s not full of platitudes and political correctness.
We got abortion, distortion, and just plain calamity,
What happened to the tempestuous sea of liberty,
Has it become a sea where we’ll drown in liberality?


Not a smidgen of corruption, ignore the evidence you see.
The man behind the curtain, that’s not really me.
I learned about it on the news, just saw it on TV, makes me mad as hell.  Oh well.
Wish I could fix it, but I’m not in charge, I just live in this nice White House, with a little yard.

Thanks for the vacations, the dresses and shoes. My mom’s been lovin’ it, hashtag my girls too.

Benghazi, what difference at this point does it make.
Ambassador’s dead, President’s in bed, oh so long ago.
No one’s gone to jail, no trial has been had.
Guess the perp interviewed on CNN couldn’t a been so bad.
We got the NSA lookin’ up our ass.
But findin’ killers in the sand seems to be too much for their collective band.
All those satellites and drones to boot, can’t find a target we can shoot.

Tradin’ known terrorists for a possible treasonist, shouldn’t be our way.
But we’re not thinkin’ anymore. Just get the VA off the front page, it’s causin’ too much rage.
Might lose political capital. Ah hell what’s a little sleight of hand, it’s for the good of the land.

Get up off your butt before it’s too late!
Shut off the Kardasians, and Dancin’ with Stars.
America’s idol ain’t on TV, it’s in our hearts and it’s quite a weight.
Takin’ us down, makin’ us drown in a sea of selfishness.
I want mine, give it to me!
I deserve what you got, it belongs to me!
I’m the 99, you’re the 1!
Forget the fact we’re all standin’ under the same sun.

Oh yea, the globe is warmin’ and those who deny it just can’t conceive,
That the truth is inconvenient for those who believe.
In spite of all the facts that contradict what they say, there’s an agenda that can’t be stopped.
It’s supposed to save the planet someday.
Can’t save Detroit, or even Beloit.
Can’t tell if it’ll rain out on the plain.
But they know for certain climate change’ll end the globe.
Gee, I wish were so bold.

What about those Founders, they’re all dead and gone.
White guys with slaves they say, had to be all wrong.
Sacrificed it all they did-lives, fortune, honor too.
Don’t matter none, one wrong wipes it all, even the emancipa-tion.
So tell me are you still free?  White guys did that too.
Does that make it come undone for you?

My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing, of thee I sigh.

What’s happened to America–land of the free, home of the brave…
Tell me, has it gone to the grave?

Copyright 2014 Julie Schmidt

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