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You Broke It, You Own It

January 17, 2014

Let’s face it; the pendulum has swung to the progressive side.  After a hundred years of progressivism and fifty years of sixties radicalism the progressives have “fundamentally transformed the United States of America.”  The culture based on Judeo-Christian values and the Bill of Rights as negative rights which the government cannot overstep has been overtaken.  Take a deep breath, step back, and stop defending that culture.

It is a new day.  One where a man can put on a dress and use the women’s restroom or locker room because he feels his biology betrayed his inner most feelings–vice versa for the ladies.  Marriage is fast becoming a state sanction of “loving feelings” for any number, combination, or age of human beings–I can’t wait for the non-human kind.  Family is a group of humans who care for one another and live in the same dwelling, or maybe just refer to each other as such.  And that is just the beginning of the deconstruction soon to blossom into the utopia progressives dream of.

So what is a conservative to do?  It is time to let go and realize it is not our culture anymore.  I am not suggesting surrender, merely a realization that we don’t need to defend this culture, because it’s not ours.  It’s theirs.  Progressives broke it, now make them own it.

Get out of their accusatory way and turn the tables on them.  It is time for progressives to defend their systems, from education to economics, to society itself.  I realized the mistake we have been making is thinking the systems are still ours.  They haven’t been for quite some time, but the progressives keep acting as if they are and so do we.  Let’s step aside and stop being defensive.  It will drive them crazy, because at their core they are nihilists.  They don’t truly believe in anything but destroying the culture that exists.  It’s time for us to make them realize they have succeeded.  They have won.  It is their culture now.

Ask progressives to explain where we go from here.  Push them on every element of their worldview.  What is their vision for the future?  Since progressives promote a culture of death, who should be killed next?  The abortion mills are cranking at capacity, so how about an abortion facility in every school?  Euthanasia is beginning to be accepted in more states, so inroads are being made there, and Obamacare with its rationed services to the old should make a good dent in those aging Boomers in a few years.  How about the developmentally challenged?  There’s a group ripe for downsizing.

Television, movies, and music are pretty violent and vile, how could that be furthered?   How about a reality TV show with a real “Survivor Island,” where one contestant wins a billion dollars if he or she eliminates, literally, all the others–a kind of a capitalist Hunger Games?  And the porn industry must be expanded now that the prudish Judeo-Christian culture is finally passé.  Just how many X’s can one string together?

I am reminded of what Dallas Willard once wrote, “Civilization is just a thin veneer over a heaping cauldron of violence.”  I am sorry to say that the veneer is being shredded.  Think about it.  When you were young, were movies as violent, our language as coarse, or our schools locked down?  So if we stay on this path of continuing decay, where will we be when our children are grown?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not over, we’re just on the underside right now.  So when progressives call you a “radical” or “extremist” for your conservative views, thank them, and remind them they were called that in the sixties.  Yes, that is who we are now.  We are the radicals and the extremists–the people your mother warned you about.  It is time for us to enter the universities and subvert their culture.  Invade their media, movies, music, politics–everything–just as they did.

There will be one difference though, progressives are intolerant.  They won’t make the same mistake we did.  We tolerated their antics–their dope smoking, promiscuous, baby-killing, flag burning, bomb throwing, morally degenerate, critical theory, et al ways.  They won’t.

Progressives are already gearing up to keep us down.  They call our speech “hateful,” our defense of the pre-born “anti-choice,” our standing for one man/one woman marriage as denying “marriage equality,” and anything else they can think of.  But they will take it one step further.  They aren’t going to just call us out, they are going to take us out.  They call it “hate crimes.”

There was a time when a pastor could use his words to call homosexuality a “sin,” and those who disagreed fought back with their words.  No more.  Those “hateful” words won’t be tolerated and off to jail the pastor will go.  Free speech will be what progressives deem it to be.  We won’t have it as easy as they did, but don’t give up, all is not lost…yet.

Copyright 2014 Julie Schmidt

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