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DADT’s Sad

April 13, 2011

I watched in anguish as our warrior leaders sat before the House Armed Services Committee hearing on the implementation of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) that was signed into law after being pushed through the lame duck session by the Democrats who controlled Congress last year.

They all—Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines–with decorum and dignity reported faithfully on their progress in implementing the law that their civilian overseers foisted upon them.  These decorated leaders representing over a million brave men and women who service in our nation’s Armed Forces, were used as political props.  How sad.

Asked to give their professional opinion on the risk of implementing the law today, I would like you to take a moment to consider what these military men would say.  “Training is going very well,” “The risk is moderate,” “We’re early in the process, but things appear to be progressing.”  As Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!”–what else would you expect them to say?

The pious pontificators on the Democratic side, thanked these men for dealing with implementing this law in a professional manner and stated how obvious it was that the sky had not fallen based on their comments—the ones from the military leaders who had been given a direct order by their civilian overseers and Commander in Chief to execute.  It was painful to watch.  Will we ever know what they truly believe?  Only retirement may resolve the “Were Asked, Can’t Tell” conundrum.

As good soldiers, they sat respectfully and responded politely as Representative Loretta Sanchez (D) questioned them to ensure that those who were discharged under DADT can now apply for re-enlistment.  Her worry was to ensure that their application for reinstatement has guidelines in place to allow them to go back to their “old careers” without any gap at all.  And ensure that reports of homosexual harassment were treated the same as all other forms of harassment, to which a commander replied that there is and will continue to be a “zero-tolerance” for all forms of harassment.  How assuring Ms. Sanchez.  America can sleep safely tonight knowing that your vital questions of national security have been answered.

What a farce.  What a charade.  Parading these military leaders before a political committee where a law has been signed and an order given.  Pols using this hearing to reinforce their positions by asking questions loaded with implications that they know these men cannot respond to.  The only moment of relief was delivered by Representative Allen West (R).

Up to what has become a consistent standard of excellence, he cut through the political bull like a hot knife through butter.  Thanking these leaders for their service and recognizing that, of course, they will do all in their power to obey the orders they have been given.  And then honing in on his concern that the implementation of yet another of these politically correct policies doesn’t have an additive affect in inhibiting military personnel from addressing serious issues or warning signs, such as those exhibited by Major Malik Nadal Hassan-the Fort Hood massacre terrorist-due to an environment of timidity that was created because of political sensitivity to Muslims in the military.

Did you know that we are currently engaged in three wars?  Why in the world are we wasting their time?  I think these military leaders along with millions of our brave fighting men and women have better things to do.  There is no need to question them at all regarding the implementation of a law that never should have been repealed in the first place, and wouldn’t have except for a Democratic cram down in a lame duck session.  Repeal the repeal and let us end this social experimentation in our military.  This is neither the time nor the place to be playing politically correct games.

Copyright 2011 Julie Schmidt.

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