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Now is our time! Now is our moment!

July 30, 2010

I want to thank you all for coming here today.  I am just an ordinary person like you.  I bear no title.  I am not rich (not that I’m opposed to that). I hold no position of power or influence. But I do possess something extraordinary and you possess it to.  A vote.  What an amazing thing.  Politicians beg for it, unsavory characters steal it, and many try to convince us that it doesn’t matter.  But I am here to say, to shout that it does!

I am here to raise my voice with yours and make our presence felt.   We are here to put our politicians on notice that We the People have awakened from our slumber and we are not going back to sleep!

Now is our time!  Now is our moment!

Some say awful things about us and that we are animated by anger.  Yes, I’m angry, but I have to ask, is all anger wrong?  If someone wants to enslave our children to a debt they cannot repay, is it wrong to be angry?  If there are those who are trampling on our Constitution, making backroom deals and taking bribes for votes, is it wrong to be angry?  If our politicians ignore the overwhelming will of the American people, is it wrong to be angry? Of course not!

Am I afraid?  Yes, I’m afraid.  I’m afraid that my government has grown too large.  That they have forgotten that it is by the consent of the governed that they are granted temporary power.  I am afraid, when I hear representatives say that they have enacted a new “right to healthcare” for the people.  Since when do our rights emanate from the Government, they are endowed to us by our Creator!  They call themselves progressive when what they are is regressive, taking us back to a time when the few ruled over the many.  This bill wasn’t about healthcare and I’d like to thank two Democrats for their honesty. Congressman Dingle of Michigan said this legislation is to “control the people.” While Senator Max Baucus has told us that this is “an income shift…It’s a leveling [of] the mal-distribution of income”, because some Americans are just too wealthy.  I thought this bill was about healthcare, Senator?  And by the way, who gave you the power to decide how much hard earned money one American gets to keep verses another?  If that doesn’t make any freedom loving person afraid, I don’t know what will.

If I stand alone, I have to confess, at times I feel helpless and hopeless, but when I look out at all of you and I see and feel what makes us band together in this place on this day,  I have great hope!  Hope in the amazing people of this country; Faith in God and for many of us here, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As Ronald Reagan said, “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under GOD, then we will be a nation gone under.” What animates us isn’t anger, its love! Love for our country.  Love of freedom and liberty.    We are a moral and religious people.  John Adams said that our Constitution is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

As Dennis Prager explains, the propaganda from the Left is that those of us on the Right are selfish and that they are Compassionate.  But the difference is that conservatives ask “What can I do for me, what can I do for my family, my community, and my country, NOT what can the government do for me, my family, or my community.  And that’s the difference between the Left and the Right. The Right is Responsible, the Left is Dependent–Dependence is not compassion, its enslavement.

Don’t let them twist our righteous anger and our reasonable fears into something they can use against us.  Don’t ever let them goad us into violence of any kind.  That’s what they want.  Our wise Founders gave us all the tools we need to resolve this crisis at the ballot box and November is coming!  Don’t give in and as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.”  We owe it to our Founding Fathers, we owe it to all those who have come before us and to the warriors who have fallen and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  And we owe it to our children and all those who will come after us.  It is our moral duty to hand to them a financially strong America where freedom and liberty are still a beacon of hope for all mankind.

Now is our time!  Now is our moment!

It is said that courage is only fear that has said its prayers and I’ve been praying a lot lately.  Because it’s time to dig in, time to steel ourselves for the long journey that lies ahead.  It took decades for us to find ourselves where we are today, some would say a century.  If we let one battle, one election, or one presidency, discourage us, all is lost.  If ever there was a worthy cause, this is it.  Don’t look around to find another, but look in the mirror and ask yourself what can I do, what must I do!  Let us stand together and band together to renew America. For victory can be ours, will be ours.  Oh, yes we can!  God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Copyright 2010 Julie Schmidt.

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